Alignment with Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision
Emirates Model Building Maintenance (EMBM) is fully cognizant of the criticality of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 in its role of ensuring harnessed momentum and realisation of full growth potential for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.This Urban Structure Framework Plan is first and foremost grounded in the cultural and environmental identity of Abu Dhabi. EMBM recognises that the city’s population may exceed five million by 2030. EMBM notes that there are a number of key directions including:
Sustainability – Focus on preservation of growth-related wealth and use existing levels of funding to explore renewable energy production and minimisation of consumption of non-renewable energy form
Unique Environment – Preservation of critical natural environment, with a balance between conservation and developmen

Identity and Opportunity – Authentic and safe, but also a progressive Arab city with a persona reflecting the coming together of the desert and the sea. A place where businesses, Government and cultures work hand in hand

Excellence and Liveability – The principles of comfortable and convenient living will be at the forefront of all aspects; marketing and promotional principles will be secondary to thi

Connectivity – The city will need a multi-layered transportation network for city centre and urban connection, all accomplished with a hierarchical system of formal and informal open spaces and biologically-significant protected areas

These five key directions provide a clear vision of where Abu Dhabi will be in the near to long term. EMBM, whilst new to Abu Dhabi, draws on the significant long-term experience of its parent companies (MBM and Emirates Transport) in supporting major Government initiatives, developments and departments in achieving their visions

Our Policy

When making selection decisions in respect to goods/materials and subcontracted services/labour, the commercial offer, although a key element, is only one factor in EMBM’s stringent corporate procurement policy. Other key factors include:
Goods, materials and subcontracted labour is procured with the highest regard for safet.
Consideration when procuring goods and materials is always given to the impact of any products to environmen.
A robust supplier accreditation program ensures only those suppliers that have the infrastructure to support EMBM contracts are selected
Compliance with all applicable laws and industry regulations
The ability to provide efficient stock delivery and 24 hour customer servic
Quality product or service delivery—reputation, customer service ethos, and company values In the selection of subcontractors, our contract team will have access to the EMBM Subcontractor Database and current supplier arrangements.
Improved Aesthetics, Consistency of Service and Extended Asset Life Cycles
EMBM’s philosophy is to optimise asset performance and increase equipment availability, whilst reducing maintenance costs, using an appropriate mix of reactive and preventive maintenance.

EMBM is able to provide maintenance for the full range of Hard FM services, including electrical, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, utilities management, essential safety equipment, handyman/general maintenance, lift maintenance, building fabrics and civil works.

EMBM will use its expertise in planned and reactive maintenance to achieve greater availability of our clients’ assets and to reduce the cost of maintenance.
Our focus is firstly on the building of a preventive maintenance strategy for Fixed Plant and Equipment (FP&E) which reduces breakdown services. This is widely regarded as a more effective maintenance strategy and is shown in the graph below. Nevertheless, where reactive maintenance is required, we understand the importance of providing a prompt service that minimises asset downtime and the impact on operational capability.

The optimal range for extending the efficiency and life of a piece of equipment is to deploy a preventive maintenance regime to reduce spend on reactive maintenance. The optimal range where total costs are lowest is represented by the grey band in Figure 1 below.
Optimal Maintenance Range
By carefully planning maintenance tasks to ensure assets are kept in appropriate condition, EMBM is able to avoid unnecessary costs associated with unplanned callouts and replacement. Our philosophy is to provide value for money by prolonging the life of our clients’ assets and ensuring they are maintained to a standard that ensures optimal performance, minimises unplanned downtime and minimises instances of failure.
EMBM takes a strategic and tactical approach to preventive maintenance at all stages of an asset’s lifecycle. We use rigorous maintenance plans, condition assessments, and audits to deliver an effective, sustainable, and cost-effective asset management service.

In order to deliver on this methodology, EMBM has a central team of preventive maintenance experts who are responsible for ensuring that our contract-specific teams apply the benefits of best practice preventive maintenance. Our clients benefit from the capability of the EMBM Maintenance Support Team, which is utilised to:

Perform due diligence on the maintenance tasks required to ensure the parameters of what EMBM is contracted to deliver are clearly and accurately defined prior to the commencement of the contract

Develop a maintenance plan incorporating contemporary methodology in preventive maintenance and innovative technical solutions

Provide support in systems setup

Coordinate the mobilisation of the contract to ensure we provide the appropriate level of service from day one and are adequately set up to continue that level of service delivery throughout the life of the contract

Provide ongoing engineering advice to our on-site team throughout the life of the contract
The benefits of using EMBM’s highly responsive 24/7 reactive maintenance services include:

Maximisation of the asset availability through quick response to callouts within specified timeframes

Minimisation of the negative impact on our clients’ reputation caused by unavailable assets

Value-for-money service provision

Fast rectification of safety hazards

Fast rectification of security risks

Compliance to legislative requirements and relevant standards

Work always undertaken by appropriately skilled and licensed in-house or subcontractor employees

Customer and client liaison is conducted in a professional manner

EMBM has the systems and processes required to provide our clients with a high quality, reliable service that is delivered on time and within budget.
EMBM is able to leverage from its size to ensure maximum value for money by sharing the cost of systems development across its contracts and by negotiating arrangements with subcontractors (where applicable) to provide the service at minimal cost.
Leverage of Buying Power
In simple terms, purchasing power provides a reduced cost of goods through purchasing in economies of scale. Our Procurement Team has the capability and experience to negotiate highly competitive purchasing prices of subcontractors, goods, and materials, which will bring the benefit of best value to our clients throughout the life of the contract.

We can utilise our size and breadth of contracts to arrange special purchasing arrangements to take into account goods and materials currently purchased by individual subcontractors on an item-by-item basis. Furthermore, by giving the subcontractors access to our preferred supplier arrangements, we can provide additional benefits and cost savings over and above the delivery of our services.
Safer Work Practices
The EMBM OH&S Policy describes EMBM’s intent and purpose in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007. Under this policy, all employees, subcontractors, EMBM clients, and visitors have an obligation to:

Protect the health and safety of themselves and others at work

Perform their assigned duties in accordance with accepted safe work practice

Provide EMBM management with any information which will contribute to the protection of the health and safety of all stakeholder

Follow and comply with all safety requirements of the EMBM’s safety program whilst on EMBM or client premises

EMBM OH&S Management System Manual
The EMBM OH&S Management System Manual is available to all employees and subcontractors and houses all safety documentation and OH&S activity to support EMBM operations.
Employees and subcontractors can easily navigate to find information on:
Relevant documents and references to perform mandatory and regular safety tasks required by EMBM, e.g.:

  -      Induct a new employee


  -      Report a Hazard


  -      Conduct a Safety Toolbox meeting


  -      Report an Incident

Important safety bulletins and announcement
Other information pertaining to safety issues in the workplace, e.g. workplace inspections, safety training, OH&S audits, etc.
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